Explo Systems, Inc. - Environmental Policy Statement (ver batim)

It is Explo Systems' policy to conduct our business in a manner that is consistent with our environmental responsibilities inherent in the importation of explosives. Our obligations extend to our employees, our customers and transporters and to the communities that would be affected by environmental events related to the importation of explosives. Explo Systems is committed to continuously improve our performance in this environmental arena as well as our commitments to those who rely on us for their livelihood and service. For the importation of explosives, it is Explo Systems' policy to:

We, the owners and managers of Explo Systems, Inc. support and enforce the tenets framed by this policy. And, promise to continue to do so as evidenced by our signatures below.

David Fincher


David A. Smith, PE


Terry Wright

Vice-President Operations

Ferris Callihan, PE

Director Support Technology